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Hungarian Gold Dealer Ltd.
Trade register: 01-09-465283
Tax ID: 12095216-2-42

H-1137 Budapest
Vígszínház utca 5.
Email: info@magyararanykereskedo.hu
Web: www.aranyatveszek.hu


Director: Miklós Kulimár
Tel: +36-20-975-0846
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The currently displayed prices are valid from 1 gram. We pay cash for all goods but certainly you can choose a more secure bank transfer method as well.

We purchase PAWN TICKETS. Shall you want to sell over a 200 grams accumulated value of pawn, please contact Miklós Kulimár.

You are required to confirm your intention for selling your goods at the currently advertised buying price via telephone. Upon receiving a transaction code, our purchase offer is valid for the day only during our opening hours.

Prices may vary during the day but an allotted transatcion code locks the price for foresaid transation, we cannot modify the agreed price furthermore.

Please contact our representatives for information.

For larger volumes and bulk ask for a special offer.
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Security and privacy of our clients is a priority for Hungarian Gold Dealer Ltd.
The office and the premises are monitored by a CCTV and security camera system, guarded by a security service and is fully alarmed for the highest security reasons.

Our clients can carry out transations in a maximally secure environment with guaranteed immediate payments.

Our company is operating according to the standards and license issued by the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office's Precious Metals Inspection and Certification Division (NEHITI).
NEHITI License number: 6772/4/2014
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